110 Sample Practice Questions - Facebook Blueprint Core Exam

110 Practice Questions For Your Next Blueprint Exam (2019 Update)

Get prepared for your next Facebook Blueprint Certification Exam by understanding the test format, samples questions with answers and detailed explanation on several topics. More than +650 students have used our sample questions!

Practice With Sample Questions Before Your Next Facebook Blueprint Exam

+650 Students have already used them!

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Why Take This Practice Test?

Passing Facebook Blueprint Exams is not easy and can be frustrating. 

You can study a lot but still fail the test, mainly because the questions are tricky, you have limited time and you get nervous. 

But practice makes perfect! and the more sense you have of how the exam works and the type of questions you will get, you will feel more confident during the test. 

Learn and Practice For The Exam

  • 100 practice questions: theoretical, practical and case-based
  • A very detailed explanation of the correct answers to help you study and get a better understanding of what topics you need to deep dive more
  • Additional resources to study for each topic covered with the questions

Testimonials of Happy Customers

What others have been saying about this course:

Carol Gass

Direct and to the point.

First off, the amount of time and dedication put into this resource for those of us looking for something.... ANYTHING to help us prepare for this exam is exceptional. I found this well organized and really liked that it gave you the answers (AND ...

carlos montoya

Thanks GOD this exist !!

I have been following Diego's work for quite some time, he is always delivering value bombs for free on social media. The value of this 100 questions is beyond what you actually paid for it. Highly recommended. Carlos Montoya

Majd Al Jayyousi

Thank you Diego !

I find it kind of wraps all the conepts in real situations, it does not only cover the topics .. It enables you to comprehend it in terms of when to use what .. I feel I am much confident now after going through all the sample questions and the ca...

João Beck

Nice course

The course is really helping me out with my understanding about facebook ads. I am feeling much more confident to do the exam after practicing so many questions. Thanks Markeko!

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Diego Rios
Diego Rios

About Diego Rios aka Markeko

I’m a growth marketer, Facebook marketing expert, and founder of Markeko blog.

We have a community of +6,000 marketers now :)

I want to help you pass the Facebook Blueprint Certification exams.

I currently started my own online education startup called www.conversionaventa.com. We help build and prepare digital managers of the future for developing countries (Latam market). We’ve trained +500 managers and have focused on helping large customers here in Guatemala and plan to expand into Latam and Hispanic market in the next couple of months.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the questions the same as the ones in the exam?

  • The questions have been developed based on the type of questions you get in the real exam but none have been taken for real tests. All questions have been developed by our team.

Will I be guaranteed to pass the Certification by taking this practice test?

  • We cannot guarantee you will pass the exam. What we can assure you is that you will be much better prepared and confident before you take the test.

What exam are the questions for?

  • The questions are primarily for the Core Exam but can help you with the Buying and Planning as well.

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