321-101 Facebook Certified Buying Professional Exam

Facebook Buying Certification Practice Questions + Video Tutorials

+55 questions to practice and pass your next exam

Why Get Practice Questions for the Buying Exam?

Passing the 321-101: Facebook Certified Buying Professional can be frustrating...

And overwhelming.

You don’t know where to start. 

There are over +120 courses on the Facebook Blueprint Course Catalog.

And it gets worse.

You can still study a lot but still fail the exam, mainly because questions are tricky, you have limited time and you get nervous.

Plus you don't know what question you are getting wrong and why!

Our Facebook Buying Exam samples questions and video tutorials can help!

Learn and Practice For The Exam

  • 50 practice questions: theoretical, practical and case-based
  • Detailed video with explanations of the correct answers to better understand what topics you should really study
  • Additional resources to study and prepare for each topic covered in questions

Finally understand why you are getting questions wrong in the exam!

Want to find out more...

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Diego Rios
Diego Rios

About the instructor

I’m a growth marketer, Facebook marketing expert, and founder of Markeko blog.

We have a community of +6,000 marketers now :)

I want to help you pass the Facebook Blueprint Certification exams.

I currently started my own online education startup called www.conversionaventa.com. We help build and prepare digital managers of the future for developing countries (Latam market). We’ve trained +500 managers and have focused on helping large customers here in Guatemala and plan to expand into Latam and Hispanic market in the next couple of months.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the questions the same as the ones in the exam?

  • The questions have been developed based on the type of questions you get in the real exam but none have been taken for real tests. All questions have been developed by our team.

Will I be guaranteed to pass the Buying Certification by taking this practice test?

  • We CAN'T guarantee you will pass the exam. What we can assure you is that you will be much better prepared and confident before you take the test.

What exam are the questions for?

  • The questions are primarily for the Buying Exam and focused on this exam specifically.

Have people used the questions before?

  • You can join our Facebook group for find more testimonials and get additional help from our +5,000 community

Are these the same questions as the 100 Sample Questions?

  • No. I've come up with more questions for the Facebook Buying Exam. If you are looking to pass the Core Exam you should go to our 100 Sample Questions.

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