Facebook Groups Course - Everything you need to know!

Facebook Groups Master Course

Everything You need To Know to Launch and Run Your Own Facebook Group

Thought about starting a Facebook Group...

but still don't know where to start!

Or you are not sure about the difference between a Fan Page and a Facebook Group?

This FREE course is for you!

The Facebook Groups Master Course will help you launch, manage and run your group.

And launch a successful community!

You can expect to learn about...

  • What is a Facebook Group?
  • What is the difference between managing a group versus a page?
  • What are the different types of groups?
  • How to build your community?
  • How to increase your group engagement?
  • What are all the hidden features about Facebook Groups?
  • Where are we headed? What's the future for Facebook Groups?

And why it's so important for you to learn about building a community around your business and Facebook Group!

What's included in our FREE Course?

4 Videos
3 Texts
3 PDFs
Diego Rios
Diego Rios

About the instructor

I’m a growth marketer, Facebook marketing expert, and founder of Markeko blog.

We have a community of +6,000 marketers now :)

I want to help you pass the Facebook Blueprint Certification exams.

I currently started my own online education startup called www.conversionaventa.com. We help build and prepare digital managers of the future for developing countries (Latam market). We’ve trained +500 managers and have focused on helping large customers here in Guatemala and plan to expand into Latam and Hispanic market in the next couple of months.


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