📲 Understand WHY you should be using Whatsapp Business!

And learn how to use it.

Migrate your WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business step by step.

📢 Integrate your Facebook Fan Page to Whatsapp

To launch ads and generate leads.

Learn how to build audiences, create ads to WhatsApp and generate traffic of new leads to your WhatsApp Business.

📊 Use WhatsApp Labels

To build your funnel and increase sales

And help organize your team and conversations.

Our System Works in Multiple Industries

  • Doctors and clinics

    Generate appointments

  • Food and catering

    Bring in new orders

  • Real estate

    Generate leads

  • Travel agents

    Increase traffic

  • Ecommerce

    Sell More

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome to our WhatsApp Ads Ultimate Course!

    • How is this course structured

    • Need Support or Have Questions?

  • 2

    WhatsApp Chat Process & Funnel Marketing

    • WhatsApp Traffic & Chat Flow Management

    • WhatsApp Chat Process - Stages & Conversations

    • WhatsApp Stages & Labels Funnel

    • WhatsApp Marketing Funnel

  • 3

    WhatsApp Business

    • Intro To WhatsApp Business

    • Difference between WhatsApp And WhatsApp Business (WAB)

    • Setting up your profile + tips

    • Messaging Tools

    • Product Catalogue

    • Labels

    • Group Invitations

  • 4

    Business Manager Foundation

    • Business Manager - Manage Settings, People and Assets

    • Add Pages To Your Business Manager

    • Add Ad Accounts To Your Business Manager

    • Integrate Your WhatsApp Business To Your Fan Page

    • Integrate Your WhatsApp Business Through Your Ad Account

  • 5

    WhatsApp - Organic Channels

    • How To Set Up A Short Link To Share

    • How To Set Up a WAB Button On Website

    • How to check that Facebook Pixel is detecting your WhatsApp Events

    • Set Up A “Send Message” Button On Your Fan Page

  • 6

    WhatsApp - Paid Channels

    • Intro - WAB Marketing Paid Entry Points

    • 3 Type Of Audiences That You Can Target

    • Core Audiences: How to Use Interest Based Targeting

    • Core Audiences: Use Behaviours To Further Niche Audiences

    • Custom Audiences: Remarket To Your Current Leads & Customers

    • Message & Engagement Objectives Ads: WhatsApp

    • Email list - Excel Template

  • 7

    WhatsApp Business - Chat Management

    • WhatsApp Process - Funnels Labels

    • What makes up the perfect Welcome Message?

    • How To Set Up Quick Replies and Templates For You

    • How to use broadcasts for your business

    • WhatsApp Chat Best Practices

  • 8


    • Email list - Excel Template

    • WhatsApp Sales Process & Quick Replies Template

Start using WhatsApp Business today.

And increase your sales.

  • Increase your leads

    Use Facebook ads to increase your leads

  • Organize your WhatsApp

    Automate messages, develop a chat funnel and simplify customer service.

  • Generate results

    Learn how to prospect your customers through WhatsApp

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